Preventing Heatstroke In Dogs

Dear dog parents,

Several years ago I was devastated when I heard one of my close friends’ puppy passed away after a peaceful hike. She was only 1 years old. Per my friend, they could not even understand what was happening. A nice happy day ended with an unforgettable tragedy. Our dogs are our family. I can not imagine how hard it can be to lose your dog at such an early age. It is on us to keep our dogs safe and healty. Therefore, I want to share some simple steps to help preventing heatstroke in dogs. 

Why is heat bad for dogs?

You may assume dogs can adjust hot weather just like they adjust cold weather. In the end, my dogs Moncher and Panda are dealing with NYC’s cold freezing winter days, much better than me. Why summer is a problem right? Dogs are at risk during the hot summer season much more than us because we humans can cool off by sweating, however, it is not as easy for our fur babies. They can only cool off by panting which is not as efficient as sweating. That’s why heatstroke in dogs can happen rapidly and lead to casualties. In fact, 58 animal deaths were reported in 2018. 

Let’s make some adjustments to our daily lives to keep our babies safe!


It is the official first week of summer. It is nice and sunny out there and very tempting to do many activities with our lovely dogs. Our dogs miss outdoor activities just as much as we do. Sunny hiking days, park walks, maybe even swimming activities are waiting for us. All you need is making small adjustments. Pay close attention to your dog’s behavior, bring some water, and take it easy. Don’t let your dog become a statistic.

Enjoy the summer with these steps and don’t forget to check out our blog dog fathers’ day gift ideas post to browse some gift ideas for the upcoming Father’s Day.

All the best!

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