Best 10 Dog Father’s Day Gifts For Dog Dads


Father’s day is just around the corner and our dog dads are not an exception to the list. Certainly raising a pup requires a lot of time, love and attention. It’s heartwarming to appreciate and reward our dog fathers once in a while. Hence we curated a perfect list for you to give you some ideas for dog father’s day gifts. 

Dog Father’s Day Gifts: Wearables

Dog Threads Matching t-shirts


Amazing matching dog shirts? This is perfect for a dog father’s day gift! Get that twinning vibe of perfectly fit shirts for the dog and the dog father. It’s great for vacation, BBQ or simply hanging out, as there are different shirts and sweater styles to choose from. Let them be fab!

Lovimals Personalized Socks


Some dog fathers are ever so clingy with their fur babies. Let them get even closer by having their pet’s image with them on the go. These lovely personalized socks are available in four different colors with a stretchy luxurious texture. Give them a pair or more this dog father’s day!

Dog Father’s Day Gifts: Art

Printypets Custom Phone Case



This thoughtful gift is very handy for anyone who has a smartphone. Certainly, a customizable phone case that has your fur baby printed on it is something worth getting for your dog daddy’s day. It’s carefully printed with a matte and smooth effect that’s also durable since it is scratch-resistant and lightweight. This is definitely something that will protect your phone and show your affection with your dog.

Mypoochface Portrait


This is perfect for your artistic dog father. Immortalize your dog with art that you can hang on the wall. Created by professional artists, the paintings that are made are available in three styles – natural, playful, and festive that will allow reflecting the personality of your pet. Moreover, they even accept special requests so that your pet’s image can be perfectly translated on the canvas.

Pawsify Personalized Cushions


Here is another perfect choice for dog father’s day gift if your dog dad can’t get enough of your dog. Get your doggy daddy some cozy and unique dog printed cushion. Simply send a photo of that lovely fur baby and an awesome cut out of the photo will be made into a cushion. In addition, you can have as many as three dog images in a cushion plus it is available in a wide range of color options.

Dog Father’s Day Gifts: Gadgets

Petcube Dog Camera


If the dog father has some separation anxiety issues or just misses his lovely dog all the time, cherish him with Petcube Bites. Because Petcube Bites helps them to always see each other plus giving the fur baby some treats! This camera is specifically made for dogs. It is a great way to communicate and care for those adorable pups even when you are far away from home.

Pawscout Pet Finder


Be prepared for the worst. Get a pawscout tag. Because you’ll never know when your playful pet gets lost. Help your dog father be crazy prepared for this situation by getting his fur baby a pawscout tag. It has a free app that can be used so in case this happens he can easily report his fur baby lost and get reunited easily.  

And some more…

Barkly Walking Service


For the devoted fathers who walk dogs regardless of any situation in their life day and night. Daily walks are really important for your dogs and if you are about to miss that walk with your pup or if you want to give dad a rest, you don’t have to worry since you can find trusted dog walkers nearby! See if you can purchase a couple of walks for your beloved dog father from Barkly. He can use some time off.

Barkbox Gift Box


Is your dog daddy into surprises? BarkBox is the perfect gift for them as it contains random stuff is all his fur baby needs. BarkBox is a monthly subscription of a dog’s happiness in a box. It comes with treats, toys, and more. Give him a gift card of a BarkBox, he will surely love to surprise his dog without the shopping hassle.


Embark DNA test


Knowing what your dog’s lineage is very satisfying and remarkable. Get to know your dog’s ancestry and breed by getting a dog DNA test at Embark. With just a cheek swab from your pup, you can get to know all these and even know any possible genetic condition through it. Also, you can get a human DNA test from for the daddy and then pair them up. With this gift set, both have no questions about their history anymore.

This completes our top choices for dog father’s day gifts. On the other hand, if you wish to spoil not only your dog dad but your dog too, we think a perfect choice is Barkwoo Music Box.

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