About Us

As pet parents, we understand how difficult it can be to juggle our daily responsibilities while still giving our beloved pets the attention and care they need. That is why we created Barkwoo, to help improve the quality of life and happiness of all pets—and their parents. 

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The idea for Barkwoo was sparked when our older dog, Moncher, started suffering from chronic allergies. With the help of music, Moncher became more serene and less concerned about his allergy symptoms. After recognizing the impact music had on Moncher’s life, we wanted to help other pets too. 

We recognize how much joy and love our four-legged companions bring us, and how much happier and healthier we are in their presence. They depend on us for everything, so let’s give them the best of everything! We are constantly striving to make the lives of our furry friends even better - because they certainly deserve it!

At Barkwoo, we are passionate about providing pet owners with the tools they need to help their beloved companions. We have helped countless pets to overcome their anxiety, and we are committed to continuing that effort. We strive to spread awareness of our simple solution, so that more and more pet owners can benefit from the relief it brings.

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  • Best gift to my dog

    I highly recommend the Barkwoo Music Box to anyone with a dog. It's easy to use and it's a great way to keep your dog entertained.

  • Life saver

    I've noticed a huge difference in my dog's separation anxiety since we started using it.

  • Amazing Product

    Seemingly since using this product, Snacks has been calmer and happier. She usually hides when we leave the house, but she seems to be in a better mood overall.