Natural Quick And Healthy Dog Food Recipe


Cooking for your dog is not easy. Actually in our busy lives, cooking for ourselves is a challenge. We, humans, are lucky though, it is so much easier to find well prepared healthy food for us. When it comes to our dogs, their options are very limited and not very rich in quality. Today I will give you my quick homemade dog food recipe that even works great for my older dog with severe allergies. Before we get to our recipe and how to cook it, here are some things you should know about prolonging your dog’s life and choosing the right food for them.

Why do I cook for my dogs

Bad dog food can come from bad ingredients. There are two certain foundations that maintain and regulate our pet’s food ingredients. The first one is the Food and Drug Administration, more known as the FDA, their job is to regulate the quality of the ingredients, the second one is the American Feed Control Officials who decide what kind of nutrients our pets really need. Unlike AFCO, the FDA focuses on quality, so they can accept some ingredients that could be fatal to your dog.

According to’s study, there are no barriers put on ingredients from “rendering facilities”, these places are where dead animals are used for consumption in other products, These facilities handle everything, from expiring meat up to dead livestock animals. Thinking about my lovely dogs’ food coming from such facilities led me to take control of my dogs’ food.

Where to start:

First of all, do some prework. Learn some basics about what kind of food is good and bad for dogs. For example, experts recommend avoiding food that contains onions or grapes as this could be really bad for your dog, as well as badly produced meat products. Also, corn is considered to be one of the most harmful to dogs, depending on the amount of corn eaten by your dog.

It’s also vital to know what ingredients dog’s must-have for complete nutrition, and different types of dogs require a different balance of nutrients, and your vet can aid you in deciding what to look out for. In addition, read some recipes. Honestly, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You will find a vast amount of research and homemade dog food recipes prepared by experts. All you need to do is playing around with them a little to settle on the recipes that suit your dog’s needs.

Then I suggest starting very simple and experimenting. Once you figure out what is good for your dog, the rest is going to be very easy, An ingredient being healthy for dogs doesn’t mean it is a good fit for your dog. For instance, lentil is an amazing source of protein for humans however it makes me bloated hence I don’t eat it. Just like this, not all the food is going to be good for your dog.

Is your dog allergic? 

My older dog, Moncher, has severe allergies. Therefore, you will see in the recipe, I keep it very modest. I only add the components that I am 100% sure he is not sensitive to. Otherwise, after the very first meal his allergies kick in and he starts scratching all his body. 

If your dog is not allergic, please feel unrestricted to spice it up to your own recipe with a more diverse choice of veggies. I try to keep simple and healthy. 

What about nutrition:

Making sure your dog has a well-adjusted diet is tough especially if you have an allergic dog. For example, I had to take out the beef liver from the dog food recipe last week since Moncher’s allergies would trigger. Therefore, I use JustFoodForDog Nutrition Blend and Omega 3 to make sure my dogs get the essential nutrition.


Let’s cook!

Here is a very quick homemade dog food recipe I cook for my dogs. I promise it will take less than 11 minutes (trust me I timed it) and it will be healthier than the commercial dry food or canned food out in the market. 



  • Baby carrots: 1/2 cup
  • Green beans: 1 cup
  • Brown rice: 1 cup 
  • 1 apple
  • JustForDogs DIY blend: 1 tablespoon
  • 1-2 drops oil per meal
  • Boneless pork chops: 1 pound

Cube pork chops into smaller pieces and put them into a big saucepan.

Chop green beans and carrots, apples and add them into the saucepan.


Add brown rice and water.


Turn the heat to high until the water boils.


Simmer the pan, turn the heat down to low.

Once the water is gone, turn off the heat and let it cool completely.

Before serving, add a nutrition blend and omega3.


Ready to serve! 🙂

My dogs love it. I can definitely see a vast difference in their appetite. While I cook they stay with me and wait with anticipation. 

Bon appetit 🙂

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